Paint at the most playful moment, during mixing
A wave for Christopher, digital paint on aluminum $1600, limited run of ten (dye sublimation)

This little beauty is headed to the open competition at the Museum of Ventura County. I am so excited as a digital artist to be included in the competition, I feel like I’ve already won. Hand drawn digital artwork. I made this with love for my biggest supporter, my husband. He has kept me painting even when I wanted to quit. Ten hours of painting time went into this piece. I decided that when I was painting these waves, that I would dedicate them to someone. It made it a lot more fun to paint if I was thinking about someone I loved, admired or found I had a connection with, like a childhood friend.
Late Night Shopping Trip
Oil on canvas panel
8″ x 10″

I am happy to announce that my painting Late Night Shopping Trip, was accepted into the 20th Anniversary Exhibition: California Art Club at the Old Mill. My painting will be on exhibit from September 10 – January 12, 2020.

Roadside Attractions
oil on birch

I am happy to announce that my painting Roadside Attractions, was accepted into the Santa Paula Art Museum’s 7th Annual Art About Agriculture Show. My painting also is the show catalogue’s picture, what an honor! The exhibit runs through March 20, 2020. Come join me at the museum and I will give you a personal tour. Call me to make a reservation (805) 625-0782.

Hendry Beach, painting with Mary

New Work– As people are decorating Christmas trees, celebrating Hanukkah and boarding cruise ships. I am working away creating painting after painting. It is surreal but the show must go on! I will be showing next month at Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura California and I am preparing for two other shows as well. It looks like a mad house over here. I keep shuffling paintings around, trying to make more room. I think I am in a good spot now though and can actually slow down a little. I will hang some ornaments, find my husband and say hello to my children. Happy Holidays

The Blue Beret Blog

Sunny California paintings

Sometimes I don’t realize how much I paint. Well I do realize that conceptually. I paint for 10 hours a day but I forget how much work that produces. And since I got excepted to two shows and have a 2 person show at Fox Fine Art Jewerly in Ventura, California, it feels like I’m […]

Off to the Beach

I started Plein Air Wednesday again. That’s right, we are a group that is actively painting at different places. You can find us on Facebook – Plein Air Wednesday in and around Ventura County. It is so important to paint from life and it’s a wonderful way to be social. I remember when I would […]

Get Up and Paint Lazy Bones

I want to stay up late but I am realizing that I am more productive in the morning… now what? This is my Everest people…how do I wake UP in the morning? How do you wake up? No really, HOW do you do it? Because I need help. I saw one YouTuber, who made a […]

Family Draw Day

Sunday Fun Day What a time we had at The Old Mill on October 6th, Sunday. Thank you, to the parents, individuals and kids for joining in our Family Draw Day. There was even a gallery wall where people donated their artwork. It was fun to see the gallery fill up with the day’s artwork. […]

Painting with Friends

Why not just stay in the studio? Why is plein air important to get better? Read on and I will tell you.

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