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A Few of my Favorite Things, a new painting and why I painted it

Covid-19 is everywhere. That makes it impossible for me to paint because I need to concentrate in order to create. What am I creating? I am currently working on two series and I am about to start a third one but every time I turn on the news I am reminded of how much our lives have changed.

Since it was impossible to paint waves or the figure, I decided I needed to process the virus and paint my way out of it.

When I am focused or ruminating on something to the point that I can not work any more then the only thing I can do is paint about it. It is my way of processing.

I hope we will get through this together. Take care of yourself and your friends and neighbors too.

A Few of my Favorite Things, acrylic on plexiglass. 5” x7” $140

Digitally enlarged to 20” x 28” if interested.


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