About the Artist


Lisa Mahony is an American contemporary fine artist, creating color filled, textural paintings in acrylic and digital. She still has some oil paintings left but her lungs won’t let her use that medium any more.  

Email: lisa.mahony2018@gmail.com

Artist’s Statement

In December of 2019, I became ill from a combination of the flu and burning my lungs from long sessions of using oil paint and solvents. I thought I had plenty of ventilation too, since I was painting outdoors. Thus, it ushered in a new era of painting in Digital & Acrylic.

.                                                         The Red Tide under the Moonlight, digital

Frustrated by being trapped inside by the flu and damaged lungs, I decided to start two series of paintings to keep my mind active while I was recovering. The two series are: waves and figures. At first, digital was all I could do. In February I gave all my oil paints away and started my acrylic journey, whenever I could. Painting was too tiring to work on a schedule. I struggled for months trying to get the look I wanted with acrylic.  I tried different brands, brushes, supports and read countless articles and watched YouTube videos as well.  I mostly had to find my own way style. A lot of the information was outdated or conflicted with the last video I watched. I stumbled onto my own technique and now I finally appreciate acrylics.  October was when I realized I didn’t miss oil any longer since acrylic worked exactly how I wanted it to work.

Plane Day, 5 x 5″ Acrylic on canvas  (sold)                                                                        Plane as Day, 5 x 5″ Acrylic on canvas  (sold)


 In October I have started painting the figure again as well.  I just finished Beach Day, a painting  of a lifeguard making her rounds.


                                                   Beach Day, Acrylic on linen mounted on a cradled panel

Thanks for reading about my journey.


Formal Education

University of California, Santa Cruz 

Bachelor of Art 

Continuing Education

2019-on hold due to the pandemic Carpenteria Plein Air Painters paint outs

2016-on hold due to the pandemic  Plein Air Wednesday paint outs

2015- January 2020,  California Art Club paint outs on hold due to the pandemic

2018-2019 – Ojai Art Center -Figure Workshop  on hold due to the pandemic

2017–2018 Museum of Ventura County – Figure Drawing 

1997 Cape Cod School of Art


November 2020 – showing at Harbor Gallery and Gifts, Ventura, Ca

2020 – BAA’s 34th Annual Open Competition, held at the Museum of Ventura County February 9-March 2 -Christopher’s Wave

2020 – 2 Person Exhibit, California Color Lisa Mahony & Theresa Paden at Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura, Ca January 16-March 8

2019- 2020 12th Annual Art About Agriculture, Santa Paula Art Museum November 7- March 8

2019 – Plein Air Painters of Carpenteria Group Show at Zooker’s Restaurant, October 21 – December 15

2019 – Harbor Gallery Member’s Show September 17 – December 17

2019 –2020 Anniversary Exhibition of the Old Mill with the California Art Club, September 10 – January 12, 2020

2019 – Won Outstanding Merit Award for Sailing Away at the Harbor Gallery, Ventura Ca

2019 – Santa Paula Art Museum’s, Celebrating Teachers Exhibit

2019 – Won Merit Award for Sailing with Me, Harbor Gallery

2019 – Hired by the Santa Paula Art Museum to speed paint for the Santa Paula Art Museum’s Silent Art Auction

2019 – Lavender Festival, in Ojai Ca

2019 – Won Best of Show for Fillmore Inaugural Art Show

2019 – Exhibited at the Santa Paula’s 82nd Annual Art Show

2019 – Won 1st Prize in the Atrium Gallery Treasures Show for “Sailing Out of the Harbor” 

2018 – Won 3rd Prize in the Santa Paula Arts & VACE Show with “It Used to be More Fun” 

2018- Opening of the Cole Creativity Center, exhibited 3 paintings and created 4 murals with kids.

2018- Solo Show on Teaching and Creating with Me Project, exhibited at Blanchard Library and created 6 mini murals with kids, Santa Paula, Ca

2017- Museum of Ventura County’s Website for Figure Drawing 

2018-Taught at five after school art programs and exhibited five school art projects in, Anything Goes at the Atrium Gallery Jan – June

2017- Fillmore Artist’s Guild Exhibit at the Ojai Art Center   

2017- Abstract Show at Atrium Gallery

2017- Community Memorial Hospital Thomas Fire

2017- Won the Fillmore Library Poetry Contest “The First Time” 

2017- Published 2 paintings in Dia De Los Muertos, A Catalogue of Poems for the Recently Departed, by the Ventura Arts Council

2017- Black Stallion Gallery in Fillmore Spring Fling

2017- Portrait Show at Atrium Gallery

2017- Buenaventura Art Shows “I Remember the Thomas Fire” advertising the art show 

2017- Artists along the 126 Atrium Gallery Artist’s Guild of Fillmore Group Show

2016- Atrium Gallery 4 Shows               

2015- Buenaventura Art Association 3rd Annual Collage and Mixed Media 

2015- Buenaventura Art Association Gardens and Flowers           

Artist Residencies

2018- October Oregon Ranch Residency 

2018- July -August Tejon Ranch Conservancy 

2017- June -San Gabriel Mountains Monument 

2016- June -San Gabriel Mountains Monument 

2015 – July -San Gabriel Mountains Monument  


2020- Santa Paula Art Museum Plein Air in Gouache Class

2019 – Ventura Botanical Garden Gouache on the Go Class

2018 – present Teaching Artist at the Santa Paula Museum of Art

2017- Taught five after school art programs for Star Nova in Santa Paula, CA

2014- 2016 Taught Art Trek for 7th and 8th grades at Our Lady of the Assumption, Ventura, Ca


2019 – Santa Paula Society for the Arts Acrylic Demonstration and raffled off “Bloom”

2018 – September Sketching Lecture and Painting Demo with Tejon Ranch Conservancy


2019- Judged the Buenaventura Art Association “Things with Wings” March Show 

2016 Judged for Atrium Gallery Employee Art Show Kids and Young Adult Category 


2019 – present   Carpenteria Plein Air Painters

2019 – present   Plein Air Wednesday

2015- Artists Guild of Fillmore, member 

2003-Artist Member of the California Art Club

Interested in a commissioned piece of art? You can email me at Lisa_ann@mac.com to start the process.