About the Artist

Lisa Mahony is an American contemporary fine artist, creating color filled, textural paintings in digital paint & oil paint.
Phone: (805) 625-0782
Email:  lisa.mahony2018@gmail.com

Born in Hollywood California, Lisa grew up with a lot of freedom. One of her favorite memories was talking her parents into letting her go on the famous Friday Sunset rides with around 20 people. “We would ride through the hills of Hollywood down into Burbank for dinner with the sun setting behind us. I would bring a sack dinner and eat with my horse, Dr. Pepper. Everyone else would eat in the Mexican restaurant or at the bar” she says laughing. “Sometimes, people felt bad for me being the only kid on the ride amidst all these couples and groups but I was too happy to care. I didn’t talk to anyone and no one talked to me”, Lisa remembers. “Starting a ride at sunset, riding through the night, under the stars was magical ”. Lisa was eight years old and did it every Friday night for a year and a half. It helped her see the changing landscape, connect with her horse Dr. Pepper and simply be happy alone, amongst others. She had an eclectic childhood living in the bustling city, taking dance, flute and ice skating lessons while spending her vacations camping on Vancouver Island, Canada. All of these experiences have shaped her paintings into searching out different subjects: rural, urban or pure landscape. “I love painting boats, cars, bridges, historical places and now I am starting to paint animals. Her first one is Sandpiper Silhouettes a grand digital painting that is 30”x 30”. I am very proud of this painting because the birds were tricky since they are only a few strokes.

It’s the texture I love in my digital artwork.

After graduating from University of California Santa Cruz in 1987 with a Bachelor in Art, she did a series of odd jobs until she followed in her father’s footsteps and worked in the film industry. “I was an assistant editor at National Geographic Television with aspirations of becoming an editor until one day, I realized, I liked working on my own projects better.” Lisa says smiling. 

Discovering plein air was a good fit for Lisa because it combined her love of the outdoors and painting. She studied at the Cape Cod School of Art in the summer of 1987 and things started making sense. “If you ever see an artist grumpy and muttering, you’ll know it’s because the vision and the painting didn’t come close, it really can be quite frustrating!” Lisa says shaking her head. “Then there’s the weather,” Lisa says laughing. “Your freezing or the sun is baking you to a crisp, meanwhile the tide tries to steal your stuff and you haven’t even started to paint anything awesome yet. There is something energizing about being outdoors. It could be it in the city or a forest. It simply makes you glad you’re alive and it pushes you to be more daring in your paintings.”

Currently, Lisa is focusing on her digital paintings, “Waves, mostly. I love painting in oil but I can’t use it in my studio, it is too hard on my lungs. So, I paint en plein air or on the side of the house in my outdoor studio” she says smiling. “When I paint digitally, I can paint on location or on my couch. I have to say, digital has stolen my heart.”
Right now, Lisa is creating a large body of work digitally. “I have become fascinated by waves, water and reflections. Really, I can’t get enough of them.”

So what is next?
That is top secret,” Lisa says “Believe me, it will be worth the wait”.

Lisa, is currently exhibiting at the Museum of Ventura County, the Santa Paula Art Museum and Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura . Lisa is a juried artist of the California Art Club and will be teaching at the California Art Club in March. Lisa also teaches at the Santa Paula Art Museum and starting in April, Lisa will start teaching at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Piru, Fillmore and Santa Paula. She is also a member of the Artists Guild of Fillmore. Finally, she serves on the Art Commission for the City of Fillmore, California.

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