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Sunny California paintings

Sometimes I don’t realize how much I paint. Well I do realize that conceptually. I paint for 10 hours a day but I forget how much work that produces. And since I got excepted to two shows and have a 2 person show at Fox Fine Art Jewerly in Ventura, California, it feels like I’m saying, “Look at me, look at me, look at me…psst, wanna buy a painting?” I feel like a fat girl that lost a lot of weight and now can prance about in a bikini. It is just that my work has finally been getting good enough to be noticed. Believe me, I was the most surprised. It is hard when you’re chasing a dream and you finally catch it! It is pretty much, like now what? Well, now you get into a gallery and see if they can sell your work so you can keep creating. That is happening this week. I am sending out emails to chase that dream. The first dream was – Get good enough to make some noise and get into shows. I am showing at the Santa Paula Art Museum, the Museum of Ventura County & at Fox Fine Jewerly. Now that is checked off my list it is time to celebrate and paint some more! Thanks for reading this little rant, now back to fancy hair and curvy pants. By the way, I did lose a lot of weight but I am not prancing about in a bikini, that would be too much!

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Off to the Beach

I started Plein Air Wednesday again. That’s right, we are a group that is actively painting at different places. You can find us on Facebook – Plein Air Wednesday in and around Ventura County. It is so important to paint from life and it’s a wonderful way to be social. I remember when I would just paint alone in my studio, it was so lonely! Now, I get insight from other artists, they make me laugh and my work actually gets stronger. The amazing thing is, everyone gets better. The car is packed and I’m jumping in the shower. Have a great day. Incidentally this piece is available, White Blossoms. It is 11 x 14 at $600. It is on view right now at Fox Fine Jewerly in Ventura California.

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Get Up and Paint Lazy Bones

I want to stay up late but I am realizing that I am more productive in the morning… now what?

Fresh and Fruity
6” x 6”

This is my Everest people…how do I wake UP in the morning? How do you wake up? No really, HOW do you do it? Because I need help. I saw one YouTuber, who made a video of her alarm clock with tiny boxing gloves. The device would hit her in the head until she got up. Yup, she gets it. I need something like that. My family is helping and seeing progress in my paintings helps too. Still a boxing glove alarm clock would do wonders…

I am making progress. I used to stay up till 3 am but I realized (2 days ago), that I also get anxious late at night. I love the night because it is quiet. That part is blissful but it is hard to have a breakfast meeting if someone wants to do that. People never ask to meet at 1:00 am or I would rule the world! Now, that I am becoming more in demand, I have to keep better hours.

The Big, Fat Plan

  • Go to the gym – check, one day a week, hmm, I should probably change that
  • Get tired- wiped by 9 pm, in bed by 12 am, it used to be 3 am! Yippee
  • Pre-pack – Yes, 75% of the time I am doing this so I can paint in the morning
  • Keep a yellow legal pad – write it down and cross it off
  • Use a wall calendar – See what is on the horizon

So Now What?

Well, just keep moving in the same direction. Morning still life paintings and soon morning beach paintings too. Any tips you can give me would be great!

Now back to work!

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Family Draw Day

Old Mill Demonstration
for Family Draw Day
Pastel on Newsprint
24″ x 18″
Lisa Mahony

Sunday Fun Day

What a time we had at The Old Mill on October 6th, Sunday. Thank you, to the parents, individuals and kids for joining in our Family Draw Day. There was even a gallery wall where people donated their artwork. It was fun to see the gallery fill up with the day’s artwork. There was a lot variety and style!

Demonstrations give you new ideas

The above is my demonstration piece. I decided to work in one color because it is all about values. Contrast your darks and lights to create drama! Step back and simplify your work but above all, be positive because drawing takes work. It can be expressive, funny, delicate or bold, just keep trying.

Any last words of encouragement?

Something NOT to do ( yes, I did this one), is to compare yourself to the masters. You will run screaming and never try again! You’re really looking at decades of their hard work. Even the masters had to start somewhere.

Keep a eye out for more fun activities

One of the participants today created this!
Graphite in a watercolor journal, next comes color!

Finally, a big thank you to Gary Spisak, the Education Director for the California Art Club. Gary put this adventure together, I helped a little. I hope to see you soon. Feel free, to send your drawings to or, to, we love seeing new artwork.

Take care, and keep drawing,


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Painting with Friends

Rodolfo’s Demonstration
Oil on linen
9” x 12”

It is always more fun and motivating to paint with others. Thank you, California Art Club, for scheduling events. I painted this at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center on Sunday September 29th 2019. Not only did they schedule a paint out but they had a duel oil demonstration with Rodolfo Rivademar and Lilliana Simanton. I watched both for a while then I toured The Muck to see the California Art Club’s Autumn exhibit. Both the demos and the exhibition were great. Suddenly, I was no longer tired. I ran to the car (in a dignified manner) and started on Rodolfo’s Demonstration.

Why do you like painting in plein air (outdoors) with others?

I love seeing other peoples’ gear, which mediums they use and loaning out a jacket or a wad of shop towels, so they can continue. The camaraderie is also vital. I know my husband and two daughters are bored by talking about linen vs. canvas or which brand of paint is best, but your fellow artists can tell you what they like and why.

Why not just stay in the studio?

It is important seeing how artists start a painting. I can ask questions at the demonstrations, see how they make their strokes, what mixes they make and even how they hold their brushes. I can talk with other artists and find out how they start. Do they jump right in? Tone their canvas or sketch first? No matter how they start, it allows me to determine if I am painting in the most efficient and joyous way.

Why is it important to stay positive?

Hey, it’s not easy dragging all of your gear out, finding a spot or motivating yourself to paint. Sometimes, nothing works but keep positive about it. Focus on one positive thing, “I made new friends and I did my best” is usually what I keep telling myself, if I am having a crummy day. No matter what, become a cheerleader for yourself and others and guide conversations towards a positive outcome. Why? Because it is easier to stay in bed. It’s harder to become disciplined. Keep doing your best, no matter what you do!