Cleaning Out the Studio

or one woman’s journey down the rabbit hole of organization “The great artist is the simplifier. “ Vincent Van Gogh The above painting was recently found in my archives. This painting has everything I love about painting outdoors. It is loose, confident and dramatic. This is a sneak peak as I am working on a […]

Time for bed after painting this fun nocturne

While you sleep, I paint because it is so nice and quite. Here is a new fishing trawler for you from Ventura Harbor Village.

Today I am painting at the LA County Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Wow, what a place this is! It’s hard to believe that I’ve grown up in Los Angeles County and now, live in Ventura County but I’ve never visited this place! It is astounding to see the variety, care and planning they’ve put into creating the gardens. I’ll post even more pictures later. Here is what […]