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A Few of my Favorite Things, a new painting and why I painted it

Covid-19 is everywhere. That makes it impossible for me to paint because I need to concentrate in order to create. What am I creating? I am currently working on two series and I am about to start a third one but every time I turn on the news I am reminded of how much our lives have changed.

Since it was impossible to paint waves or the figure, I decided I needed to process the virus and paint my way out of it.

When I am focused or ruminating on something to the point that I can not work any more then the only thing I can do is paint about it. It is my way of processing.

I hope we will get through this together. Take care of yourself and your friends and neighbors too.

A Few of my Favorite Things, acrylic on plexiglass. 5” x7” $140

Digitally enlarged to 20” x 28” if interested.


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100 Figures in 100 Days

Studying the figure is SO hard but since I want to get good at it, consistency is the key. I want to be able to do observational sketching again, so let’s start a
new challenge-100 figures in 100 days. Join me if you want, I would love that! Let’s be drawing buddies. You don’t even have to be an artist, just jump into the fun of creating. Silly dark , odd, dangerous or surreal drawings, let’s make it fun. The hashtag I am using is #100Figures on Instagram.

Day 2, Right

Drawing the figure from life is my goal, everyday. I know that won’t be possible everyday but I am going to try by drawing myself if all else fails. Since I am left handed drawing my right hand is the only way to go. I wanted to stretch for this challenge and make the figure as interesting as I could. The way I draw is a back and forth method of drawing and erasing as well as working with patterns and layering. It is unique and I think of it as sort of like a dance. I don’t like perfect drawings so there are always little bits of stuff in mine. I also chatter, sing or tell jokes as I paint to keep myself loose and to remind myself what is important in that piece.

Artistic growth is attainable but you have to set goals and critique your work as you go. Once you take a hard look at your strengths and weaknesses you can set up a plan. Having other artist’s critique your work is invaluable because I can’t see what I am doing sometimes over and over!

That is what I am doing by setting up this challenge. I really want to achieve my goals and the best way to do that is to make myself accountable by posting daily.

Today will be day 10! I am pleased with my progress and I will share with you my goals. What are goals you’re working on? I would love to know as I am a partial shut in. Meaning I work at home a lot but with a lot of doses of painting and drawing with friends and colleagues.

I am also very competitive, which helps a lot! Making deadlines, entering shows and exhibiting is a great joy. Selling my work is another high point because it validates what I am doing with hard cold cash so I can buy more supplies.

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The Next Painting Adventure is in Flight

One of my oil paint inventions

February 15th, from 9-12 is the next California Art Club Paint Out. We will be painting at the Santa Paula Airport. I have been trying for years to paint there and now, my dream has come true. Some top notch artists will be there.

My awesome brushes, thank you secret admirer

Come join us if you can and watch us paint: planes, hangers, vintage aircraft, those little carts…anything is fair game. Hmm, that gets me thinking of another place to paint but that will be a surprise solo excursion but I will post those soon. Go ahead and guess. What do you like. Planes, Trains or Automobiles? I can’t choose, I love them all.

But first, I have to get rid of this chest cold. It is never leaving so, back to the doctor’s office for a third visit. I am calling my doctor tomorrow because now, there are planes to paint.

Thanks for stopping by. Lisa

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Sunny California paintings

Sometimes I don’t realize how much I paint. Well I do realize that conceptually. I paint for 10 hours a day but I forget how much work that produces. And since I got excepted to two shows and have a 2 person show at Fox Fine Art Jewerly in Ventura, California, it feels like I’m saying, “Look at me, look at me, look at me…psst, wanna buy a painting?” I feel like a fat girl that lost a lot of weight and now can prance about in a bikini. It is just that my work has finally been getting good enough to be noticed. Believe me, I was the most surprised. It is hard when you’re chasing a dream and you finally catch it! It is pretty much, like now what? Well, now you get into a gallery and see if they can sell your work so you can keep creating. That is happening this week. I am sending out emails to chase that dream. The first dream was – Get good enough to make some noise and get into shows. I am showing at the Santa Paula Art Museum, the Museum of Ventura County & at Fox Fine Jewerly. Now that is checked off my list it is time to celebrate and paint some more! Thanks for reading this little rant, now back to fancy hair and curvy pants. By the way, I did lose a lot of weight but I am not prancing about in a bikini, that would be too much!

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Off to the Beach

I started Plein Air Wednesday again. That’s right, we are a group that is actively painting at different places. You can find us on Facebook – Plein Air Wednesday in and around Ventura County. It is so important to paint from life and it’s a wonderful way to be social. I remember when I would just paint alone in my studio, it was so lonely! Now, I get insight from other artists, they make me laugh and my work actually gets stronger. The amazing thing is, everyone gets better. The car is packed and I’m jumping in the shower. Have a great day. Incidentally this piece is available, White Blossoms. It is 11 x 14 at $600. It is on view right now at Fox Fine Jewerly in Ventura California.