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Get Up and Paint Lazy Bones

I want to stay up late but I am realizing that I am more productive in the morning… now what?

Fresh and Fruity
6” x 6”

This is my Everest people…how do I wake UP in the morning? How do you wake up? No really, HOW do you do it? Because I need help. I saw one YouTuber, who made a video of her alarm clock with tiny boxing gloves. The device would hit her in the head until she got up. Yup, she gets it. I need something like that. My family is helping and seeing progress in my paintings helps too. Still a boxing glove alarm clock would do wonders…

I am making progress. I used to stay up till 3 am but I realized (2 days ago), that I also get anxious late at night. I love the night because it is quiet. That part is blissful but it is hard to have a breakfast meeting if someone wants to do that. People never ask to meet at 1:00 am or I would rule the world! Now, that I am becoming more in demand, I have to keep better hours.

The Big, Fat Plan

  • Go to the gym – check, one day a week, hmm, I should probably change that
  • Get tired- wiped by 9 pm, in bed by 12 am, it used to be 3 am! Yippee
  • Pre-pack – Yes, 75% of the time I am doing this so I can paint in the morning
  • Keep a yellow legal pad – write it down and cross it off
  • Use a wall calendar – See what is on the horizon

So Now What?

Well, just keep moving in the same direction. Morning still life paintings and soon morning beach paintings too. Any tips you can give me would be great!

Now back to work!

2 thoughts on “Get Up and Paint Lazy Bones

  1. I love the mornings because they are quiet. Make mornings your new happy time because of the quiet they provide. Substitute a brisk morning walk for that trip to the gym – listen to the birds as you walk instead of electronics.

    1. The morning walk is a great idea, I feel so laggy in the morning so that will help a lot! It is quiet here until 8 and then the neighborhood dogs start their routine.

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