Hello & welcome to my gallery.  

I thought I would do a gallery tour with you. I mean, why not – we have to do something right now.  

Below are the 2020 paintings that have made it out into the world. A major accomplishment for the times we are living through right now.  I hope this amuses you and think about taking one or two of these home with you.  


Roadside Attractions, oil on linen panel, 9 x 12”,  shown at the Santa Paula Art Museum 


A Wave for Christopher, digital 20 x 20”, shown the Ventura County Art Museum


California Gold, oil on canvas, 20 x 30”, shown at Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura, Ca

A Few From My Wave Series


Sandpiper Silhouettes, digital 30 x 30”


Indigo’s Wave, digital 10 x 10”


New Cloud Series

Midnight, digital 30 x 30” 


And now a few words on painting

The Blue Beret Blog

Painting Broadbill at Ventura Harbor Village & my Studio

Well, this was an experience! I started painting en plein air again. That means you stand in front your subjects and paint them. It’s part of my warm up for an event in May. More on that in another post. Part of the plein air experience is to be part of the scene and respond […]

Sunset Study in Blue & Orange

I got a new medium and I switched to bristol paper for this one. I forgot how lovely bristol paper is to paint on until another artist mentioned it in her IG feed. Oh right, the medium. Now I can achieve brushstrokes easily. I like to have options when I paint, just a few. What […]

Alla Prima Paintings

I have been working too slowly lately and since I want to paint outside again soon I better get going. So back to painting one shots or alla prima paintings. It will be interesting to see how it goes outside since I use acrylics now. If I can paint fast enough there will be no […]

Treasure Hunters

I spotted these two brothers making their way to the water. Lunch in the motorhome hot dogs, potato salad and Gatorade Don’t forget your towel Mom is sunbathing Dad is walking Sissy Rash Guard clothing and public showers looking for treasure on vacation I painted this on a 4″ x 4″ coaster and it was […]

Art News

Anacapa Cove 8 x 10″ Acrylic on linen This painting was just entered into a show. It is a virtual plein air painting. The best part, was working under the pressure of a time limit. I literally had to mix up the color and put it down. I forgot how invigorating painting like this is. […]

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