Gouache on the Go

On Saturday August 31st I will be teaching at the Ventura Botanical Gardens. There is still room in the class, sign up and join in the fun! You can use watercolor pencils and a sketchbook or buy the whole gouache kit. I made a supply list (at the bottom of this page) for you to go out and buy your supplies before class. The sign up is below:


Painting outside “en plein air” is a great way to unplug and be present. Come join me and learn my simple approach to painting small, lively sketches while walking around in the Ventura Botanical Gardens.

Sunny Side Up!
30 minute sketch


Keep it simple. Once I have a balanced palette that works, I keep it. There are new colors and brushes coming out all the time but I like to keep it simple. This will be a class for all levels. Learning the palette, practicing brushstrokes and then going for it!


One thing that helps me focus is using a timer. More information during the demo.

Supply List

The items are from , & finally, , for the actual art supplies.

Supply List (Items marked *are essential. Others listed are optional for a more in depth experience.)

For your convenience, I put together a supply list. Get as elaborate as you like or go minimal!

Pictured above – *Purple tape (painter’s tape for delicate surfaces) I use it for making borders -Lowe’s

Watercolor or *Inktense Pencils – (Buy a box of pencils from and use the box for my watercolor pencils
*Paper towels or napkins (use a *binder clip to attach them to the board)

*Small white watercolor palette (6 wells only) – The Dollar Tree

*Clipboard  – The Dollar Tree Use the back of the clipboard. (Hot glue on the watercolor palette.)

Black Plastic Frame – The Dollar Tree
*Collapsible Water Container– Amazon or 5 Solo Cups (stacked)

*Gold Taklon Paint Brushes – 4 piece set -Hobby Lobby $4.49—4- Piece-Set/p/80918146

A bag- everything goes in here. The best is to use a messenger bag so you can have access to your supplies.

CONNECT 3-ZIP TRAVEL BAG $16.99 bag?sp=1&size=ONESZE&color=Dk%20Smoke

*Paper -one of the following choices:

1- I use Arches full sheet paper (22×30) it is excellent paper and comes in a pack of 5 sheets. I fold the paper on both sides 4 times, tent it and then karate chop it. Don’t understand? has a great video on YouTube that shows you


you can buy a travel journal like these. 100% Cotton is what you want

2- Strathmore Travel Journal 7”x10” $16.99 100% Cotton


3- Pentalic Aqua Journal 5” x 8” 140 lbs with a travel brush holder at the top! no brush $16.89

Going to my class Gouache on the Go!
My demonstration board
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