100 Figures

Frustrated by being trapped in the flu and copd, I started thinking my way out of it. My way to escape was to come up with a long assignment. That way I could work without feeling trapped inside of my body.

The hardest thing is to draw the figure. That was my starting point. The next part was to make it totally fresh and modern while making it a cohesive body of work. I will use Tayasui Sketches and patterns in all of my work. I hope to surprise and delight you along the way. Feel free to ask me anything about this work. My daily feed is on IG and FB. I hope you join me and are inspired to create as well, in whatever capacity you’ve comfortable with. Update: well, I didn’t make 100 Figures because I am still obsessed with water. I learned a lot and I will add to this page but 100 days of figures cut into my deadlines. Drawing the figure is fun. That’s how I will approach it. In a light hearted manner. Enjoy!

February 21st, Day 1
Doctor’s Office

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