Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions

October 2019

Oil on Linen Mounted on a Birch Panel by Lisa Mahony

9” x 12”


Roadside Attractions

October 2019

Oil on Linen Mounted on a Birch Panel

9 x 12”

by Lisa Mahony


Update: This painting is now available on the California Art Club Website under Current Exhibitions.  The show is Welcome to California.  I am happy that this painting is getting more attention as it is one of my favorites.

This painting is from the 12th Annual Art on Agriculture Show, at the Santa Paula Art Museum.  The show was from November 9th 2019 through March 8th 2020.  It was the last fully run show at museum before the coronavirus hit and changed everything. I am honored to have had this painting as the pamphlet cover for the show and as the painting banner on the website for the show.

About the Painting: “Roadside Attractions” is a celebration of the simple life of fruit orchards and sunshine.  Ripening fruit under the California sun, at the base of the mountains of Fillmore California.  A sleepy little city an hour below Santa Barbara.

Roadside Attractions” was painted in oil on linen mounted on birch. It is one of the last oil paintings I have available.  I no longer paint in oil as it is too hard on my lungs. The painting is sealed with varnish, comes with a certificate of authenticity and is signed. I also blogged about it, “Roadside Attractions One of the Last Oil Paintings From Me” Enjoy!


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