Smooth Operator (small)


Smooth Operator

July 2020

Digital on Aluminum by Lisa Mahony

16 x 20”


Smooth Operator

July 2020

Digital on aluminum by Lisa Mahony

40 x 50” or 16 x 20”

This painting is now available on my website. You may purchase this painting online and it will be shipped in approximately five business days.

About the Painting: “Smooth Operator” is from my wave series, a series I started in December of 2019. This one is very smooth. Once that image got in my mind then I started thinking of men picking up women in bars. The whole scenario takes place in the 1950’s. These are the things that I think about creating these waves, sometimes it is quite silly.

“Smooth Operator” was created digitally, and it will be heat sealed into aluminum by dye sublimation. This creates a durable one of a kind artwork and makes it able to go in a damp area, like over the tub or in a more traditional setting, like a living room. The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed on the front and back as well as dated with the story of this wave. Only one of these will be made. A payment plan is also available. Enjoy!


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