Small Towns

I love living in a little city, maybe you do to. My way of slowing down and enjoying myself, is to paint.

Isn’t that what people say when they’re getting older? I’m poking fun at my age and the people who are in their 50s and above. This piece is filled with nostalgia for me. It’s at bunny hill farm and it was the first time I was showing my artwork in a fair setting. The cars were super cool to see.

Oil Paintings

Impasto painting is so fun. I am having a blast making these little paintings. Seriously cute and perfect for the kitchen, entry or a little nook. What about by the nightstand? Yes, they can even be framed so they stand up on their own. I am making a bunch of these for a new show. My theory is, if I paint a bunch, then I will be able to sell some and hold some back for the show. I never thought I would like the square format but I am really taking to it now. Of course, having a competition doesn’t hurt.

Don’t Forget…

I do work on commission as well. Yes, that means I could paint something that you love, your garden, a favorite tea cup or (gasp) a pet. Pets can be challenging so I would need a really great photo to work from and probably do a sitting if you really are interested.