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Splash, the painting that almost wasn’t.

I painted this February 24th, at the beach. It was amazing. The fog started rolling in and it changed everything. Truly, I can’t make this stuff up!

It was so fun, I was pulling out my gear as fast as possible. Probably shaking a little from sheer giddiness. There is no way I could have worked from a photo either. The iPhone’s colors were way off because of the sunset and fog combination.

And what happened to wearing masks? Is the beach a covid-free zone? No one told me. Eh, I still wore mine, it helped keep me warm.

I liked it so much I decided to bring it to the gallery. I packed up and once I pulled out onto the highway, I remembered I left my palette and painting on top of the tonnele cover.

I looked behind me but I didn’t see it. I turned around and went back home and it wasn’t anywhere. I then retraced my route. It made it out of the neighborhood onto the side of the highway! I can’t believe I found it. I then drove over the painting, grabbed my palette and then reached under the truck to get the painting. I was expecting a complete disaster but it was perfect. Well, no more using the tonnele cover as a table!

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