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Sunny California paintings

Sometimes I don’t realize how much I paint. Well I do realize that conceptually. I paint for 10 hours a day but I forget how much work that produces. And since I got excepted to two shows and have a 2 person show at Fox Fine Art Jewerly in Ventura, California, it feels like I’m saying, “Look at me, look at me, look at me…psst, wanna buy a painting?” I feel like a fat girl that lost a lot of weight and now can prance about in a bikini. It is just that my work has finally been getting good enough to be noticed. Believe me, I was the most surprised. It is hard when you’re chasing a dream and you finally catch it! It is pretty much, like now what? Well, now you get into a gallery and see if they can sell your work so you can keep creating. That is happening this week. I am sending out emails to chase that dream. The first dream was – Get good enough to make some noise and get into shows. I am showing at the Santa Paula Art Museum, the Museum of Ventura County & at Fox Fine Jewerly. Now that is checked off my list it is time to celebrate and paint some more! Thanks for reading this little rant, now back to fancy hair and curvy pants. By the way, I did lose a lot of weight but I am not prancing about in a bikini, that would be too much!

2 thoughts on “Sunny California paintings

  1. Well, dear – work works:) Enjoy the success:)

    1. Thank you Laureen, I guess that is the next step

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