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Splash, the painting that almost wasn’t.

I painted this February 24th, at the beach. It was amazing. The fog started rolling in and it changed everything. Truly, I can’t make this stuff up!

It was so fun, I was pulling out my gear as fast as possible. Probably shaking a little from sheer giddiness. There is no way I could have worked from a photo either. The iPhone’s colors were way off because of the sunset and fog combination.

And what happened to wearing masks? Is the beach a covid-free zone? No one told me. Eh, I still wore mine, it helped keep me warm.

I liked it so much I decided to bring it to the gallery. I packed up and once I pulled out onto the highway, I remembered I left my palette and painting on top of the tonnele cover.

I looked behind me but I didn’t see it. I turned around and went back home and it wasn’t anywhere. I then retraced my route. It made it out of the neighborhood onto the side of the highway! I can’t believe I found it. I then drove over the painting, grabbed my palette and then reached under the truck to get the painting. I was expecting a complete disaster but it was perfect. Well, no more using the tonnele cover as a table!

Take care my friend,


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Treasure Hunters

I spotted these two brothers making their way to the water.

Lunch in the motorhome
hot dogs, potato salad and
Don’t forget your towel

Mom is sunbathing
Dad is walking Sissy

Rash Guard clothing and public showers
looking for treasure
on vacation

I painted this on a 4″ x 4″ coaster and it was quite fun. The first one. I plan on making a set of four. Let’s see what happens. I love seeing people at the beach. Figure models abound.