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Cloudy With A Chance Of Hope

Peach, digital painting 30×30”

I created this series of clouds to bring peace and a sense of hope.  We all need a little hope right now. It is crazy out there.  A few weeks ago we were just worried about the novel coronavirus.  Who knew those would turn out to be simpler times .

Well, let’s forget about that for a minute and talk about art. The clouds are starting to pull my interest away from all the waves I have been painting. It is too hard to paint waves from photo references alone.  I need to be at the beach and seeing the water turn into waves and roll towards me.  Actually, it’s more than that.  I need to be irritated by noisy gulls, hot sun or overcast skies.  Anything except air conditioned, well lit rooms.

The problem with painting inside is it doesn’t help with a sense of urgency.  Fear of getting sunburned, or sand in my iPad are real things I have to contend with and it makes me work harder! Well, for me, that is a ways off since I am still recovering from damaged lungs due to painting in oil.  I can almost walk two blocks.  Yeah, it IS going to be quite a while.

So, I am looking  up and up and up.  Clouds don’t care if you are quarantined, they are still there.  They are accessible and  challenging to paint.  Right now, I am painting them digitally. Later I will explore acrylics and gouache.  I really do like painting digitally because I can carry a whole studio in my iPad Pro.

If  you can, take a hike and cloud search. Pay attention to the subtle color changes and see if it connects you a little more to the present.  That is what it does for me.  My cloud paintings are now available in my shop with some of them also available as prints and some smaller sizes too.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Crashing Wave, the tale of a Heavy Wave

Crashing Wave, A Journey

Crashing Wave 20 x 20” Made of concrete… well digitally anyways
Crashing Wave looks like it is made out of the impossible material of concrete. The paint strokes look like stucco. She is a Heavy Wave.


This is a personal wave. A wave about my body image and how it has changed.

The novel coronavirus has been a terrible gift we have all received. On December 16th 2019, I came down with the flu and copd and I am just now getting getting over it in May 20th of 2020. My doctor’s still can’t figure out what exactly what it was but the investigation continues. Since I am finally getting better, I am not that interested anymore. I just thank my lucky stars that it wasn’t the coronavirus. I should know, I have been tested three times.
What were my symptoms?
Basically, I couldn’t breathe or talk. Or move that much. I had a fever in December and I lost my sense of taste.  The more I rest the better I feel. Resting is nearly impossible for someone who was jogging and lifting weights in early December 2019. Now, it’s May 2020 and I have begun taking 10 min walks. I am moving around though, so I am happy about that.
But that isn’t what this wave is about. This wave is about weight gain. “Crashing Wave” is meant to reflect on my ballooning weight and also on everyone’s battle with weight gain, in our new normal. I get it, it’s easy to add that extra 10, 20 or 30 pounds from inactivity and feeling overwhelmed.
For me, when I start gaining weight, I usually start eating more salads, taking long walks or go on a plein air painting mission. What have you found that works?  Do you walk? Do yoga? Or, are you having a hard time like me? Sometimes, it’s just too much.  Right now, my lungs aren’t ready for anything that rigorous. Mild little walks is where it’s at right now. I could eat salads but the length of time it takes to make a salad that is tasty is still beyond me. So, raw fruit it is!  

That’s crazy

Up until May 20th, I was planning my attack on the stairs. Usually with a rest break or two along the way, with my new friend – the inhaler. Yeah, it’s been bad. The one good thing is that I started painting my digital wave series before I got sick, on December 12th. That has kept me sane. The release of working on a large, ever evolving series, has been my escape from the coronavirus.  Now that I am well, I am starting to finish them.  I am now focusing on finishing 25 paintings.  The next step will be to look for a place to show them.  Ideally, I would like to find a place to show them together.  I think that would be really fun for people to see.  
I started counting them but when the number went beyond 200, it got a little scary, so I stopped counting! These times are so frightening. I find myself  eating comfort food, to rally my spirits. I am also giving myself permission to lose the weight and balance my emotional needs.
I have started to control myself and I have lost 10 lbs. Last night, I wanted to make a second tri-tip sandwich and then I remembered how tight my jeans are. So instead, I drank water and ate a teensy weensy pile of baked beans. I ate them slowly and before I knew it I was full. Yeah! I am doing it.
So? What do you do?
Seriously, I need to crib from your notes. So, what are you doing in ” the new normal”? Do you exercise regularly or think about exercising? Do you stretch, run or swim? Well for me, work is my coping mechanism. Everyday I sit in bed or on the couch and work away from 2pm – 2am on my digital wave series. It has kept my panic, frustration and saddness at bay but that’s me. How do you cope?
Thanks for reading the story behind the heavy wave made of concrete.