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Starting Something New



Oh geez, well here goes. I am going back to acrylics.  Yup, it’s time to start working at the easel again.

I have been working 95% in digital for 2020 but since I have a big digital deadline and the work is stalled right now I thought of switching it up to break through my wall.  So, I will paint in the REAL again. Should be easy, I have painted in acrylics before.

But nothing is working right.  The acrylics and canvas feels strange.  I didn’t realize how much physical strength it took till I got tired after an hour. A hour.  I usually paint for 6 hours at a stretch but now I am wiped.  1 hour of painting equals 3 hours napping.

Why not sit down?

Standing and painting is the only way I can paint. I have to step back every couple of strokes to judge my values or check to see that my straight lines are really straight.  If I sit and paint I slant everything to the right.  It looks like the painting was left out in the sun and is melting.  I had to laugh at that one. Apparently I fall in love too quickly with my colors and I can see nothing else.

See the little value scale at the bottom left of the picture?  If I was ever get a tattoo, this is what I will get. A value scale. It isn’t super sexy but it would be so handy. I misplace the damn thing at least once ever time I use it.  Some artists wear it around their neck.  Ugh, that is probably the next step.  Also, why are they made of paper? If they fall into coffee, the lake or paint they are instantly dead.  Metal would be better.  Whatever, just not paper.

So far…

Everything is going wrong.  It is a comedy of errors.  I put my paints in a fancy new palette but I put in too much water in the bottom reservoir and now I have paint soup.  The canvas was too absorbent and too scratchy. I fixed that with er, a special sauce. Then, the paint wouldn’t glide on so I dusted off the medium and started using that but with the soupy quality it was a hot mess. Right now, as I write this, my paints are drying out on my bureau tabletop so I can use it again and the fancy new palette is on the floor for a time out.


Don’t you have a digital painting deadline?  Yes, yes I do.

Okay, I have been dreaming of this deadline and I WILL make it but I am stuck in the mire of ‘I can’t make a decision‘ so I thought I would paint with acrylics to relax.  Ha! That is hysterical in hindsight.  Here is the digital painting so far.


Turmoil 18 x 36″ Digital on aluminum (I am pretty sure this is what I will choose with my print shop)

It is NEARLY done, it’s just…I have made…oh, I don’t know sixteen versions? Yeah.  If I had a kingdom to rule it would be the Land of Indecision.

It is going to be great AND the opportunity is HUGE. I will finish it and ya know MAKE the deadline. It is just stage fright right now.

Once it is done (85% there) I will send it off with 2 other entries and then wait.  At that point my job is done.  If I do get in then, I will start catalogue shopping for a new outfit, make an appointment for a real haircut (I have cut my own hair twice now) and even get the truck washed.

I have been hiding out due to the coronavirus. I got really sick with influenza in December and I am just now recovering, 80% there.  Going out is scary. REALLY scary because people are not keeping their distance or wearing their masks.  This means people like me, with compromised immune systems are all wound up. California just hit record breaking outbreaks for the last couple of days. We got an emergency alert this afternoon too so painting waves in my studio is the place to be right now.


Well, I bet my paints are dry enough now for me to work on the first painting again.

Anyways, thanks for reading this and take care.  I am going back to the studio now that I got this little rant out of the way.  I will post again when I am done with my acrylic or  digital painting.

Be sure and check out my shop to see if there is anything you want to buy.  I have some prints available that I hope you like too.

Bye for now,






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A New Abstract Painting titled “Searching”

The painting “Searching” is about the new world we are now in and how we are searching for different things. We are searching for a sense of place, dealing with loss and sorrow, creating new routines and searching for answers. I wanted to make a painting, an abstract painting, to mark this moment in time. To help myself with my feelings of searching and to create a conversation about it too. This new world is hard to get a grasp of. We have to adapt quickly and that is hard.

I decided to paint my ideas and feelings as an abstract gestural painting. I decided to use three colors that I have long been fascinated with: black, white and gold.

The first stage of Searching
Acrylic on watercolor paper

I liked it to a point but I wasn’t loving it. I created 10 paintings over the last few days but there was something missing. So I turned to digital.

Digital might seem like an unusual next step but if I can make a painting better with my favorite medium I am going to do it. It went from an acrylic painting to a mixed media painting just like that. Two hours later and I was excited by what I created. I used Procreate and my custom brushes for this one. Once the collector chooses the size, it will come to life on canvas. I am looking forward to picking out the canvas for this piece. I like to be involved in every aspect of the painting. There will only be one created, even though there are two sizes to choose from .

But doesn’t that make it a print?

It would, if there were more than one of these being made. It will also be enhanced, so it has texture too. I will be using the same tools I used to create the acrylic painting.

“Searching” in the final mixed media form.
It will be on canvas once someone chooses to buy it. Incidentally I will have a small one made to check to make sure the colors and texture is accurate.
In the entry over a side table

Searching (small) 27” x 36” $3800.00

“Searching” digital phase two

The last phase is secret and no one will get that information out of me. Anyways, it is long and tedious and takes me hours to finish a painting. It is worth it to me because it makes the painting look great.

In the dining room

Searching (large) 45” x 60” $10,800

There is one part of this painting that isn’t abstract and that is all the dots. The dots represent all the people we have lost and I wanted to pay tribute to them in my own way.

This was a painting that took a while because nothing was happening over the last week. I was simply stuck. I hit a wall. So I would just keep going back to the studio. A lot of people, including artists don’t like to stay in the studio if nothing happens. For me, it is a muscle that you have to use daily if you want to see results. Thanks for stopping by.