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Translucent Moment

Translucent Moment

Acrylic on linen mounted on panel

This painting is a simple celebration of color.

I have been painting a lot more lately because I am getting ready to start showing in November of 2020. Covid-19 has been so overwhelming, I am just glad masks, washing your hands, social distancing and shields have been so effective. Because of that, I am going to come out into the world once more.  The gallery where I will be showing takes all of these precautions seriously which is a relief. I will be showing at Harbor Village Gallery & Gifts in Ventura Harbor Village along with nine other artists.

It has been exciting getting ready.  Showing my work and chatting with people will be a nice change from just being around family members. I really want to give people the biggest selection of work to choose from. I have paintings that are 9 x 12 ( 22.86 x 30.48cm), 11 x 14 (27.94 x 35.56cm) and 12 x 16 in (30.48 x 40.64cm). I can paint larger but I do like working in these sizes too.


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Time for bed after painting this fun nocturne

It is so wonderful being awake and painting late at night. No one stops by selling me services, no cars are honking and even the dogs dream. Blissful silence.


The Fishing Boat Returns, oil on panel, 11” x 14”

This painting just got accepted into Harbor Gallery & Gifts in Ventura Harbor Village. It will be hung on September 27th.

The painting is 11 x 14” and is oil on panel. It’s wonderfully gushy and swirly. .

Nocturne’s are really my thing now they are just so yummy.

A nocturne was first a musical term. Now, it is also a painting term. I am part owl, so it works for me.

I painted this while a couple was Pokemon hunting and we visited for 20 minutes. We had a nice chat. Then I did another version in the studio. Now I am off to bed so I can look fabulous for my acrylic demo today at 2 pm. Thanks for stopping by.

I will post more when I choose the perfect frame to compliment this piece.