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Sunset Study in Blue & Orange

I got a new medium and I switched to bristol paper for this one. I forgot how lovely bristol paper is to paint on until another artist mentioned it in her IG feed.

Oh right, the medium. Now I can achieve brushstrokes easily. I like to have options when I paint, just a few.

What do you like to do during this weird time? I ask because this pandemic is wearing on me. Any form of entertainment is wonderful. I got a text earlier today asking if I ever considered the army. The army? No, I said. But have you ever considered buying a painting? Maybe, was the answer. That entertained me for hours.

Tomorrow I am off to the gallery and then I will give a painting tutorial.

Anyways, painting has helped me a lot to stay engaged and stay safe. What do you do to keep the boredom out?

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Alla Prima Paintings

I have been working too slowly lately and since I want to paint outside again soon I better get going. So back to painting one shots or alla prima paintings. It will be interesting to see how it goes outside since I use acrylics now. If I can paint fast enough there will be no problems.

Tonight I did my first one shot in a long time. Wow, all I have to do is sign it and clean up. No wonder I missed it!

So here is the first one in a while,

Water Study