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California Surf Painting

California Surf

16 x 20

acrylic on canvas

Here’s what is on my easel today

I made a lot of progress today on this painting. I only stopped because my back twinged. Oh no. How long was I painting? Three hours? Four? Something like that. It is so nice to be able to stand and paint again!

My Process

I don’t work from a set drawing or from one reference photo. I will sketch the overall shape, horizon line and key points as guide posts. My sketch is more of a hand drawn road map. This is because I have to explore my painting, change is always a possibility. I also like to add my own ideas, along the way. It could be as simple as changing the shape of a wave, or creating a different number of waves.

Approaching Realism is how I think of my work.

Well, it’s time for a snooze. Who knows, maybe I can work on this later today.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Barry’s Wave

Barry’s Wave
This one took the longest in my series


I created this in honor of one of my favorite bosses Barry.  We worked together at National Geographic. I struggled mightily against 16mm film and Barry was a generous teacher.

It is fun to create my paintings with titles all ready to go. It frees me because that way I have a road map. It also allows me to reminisce about the good old days.

This is now in my shop and has plenty of photos to go with it.  Thanks for stopping by.