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Art News

Anacapa Cove

8 x 10″

Acrylic on linen

This painting was just entered into a show. It is a virtual plein air painting. The best part, was working under the pressure of a time limit. I literally had to mix up the color and put it down.

I forgot how invigorating painting like this is. I didn’t even have to battle the elements.

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February’s Paintings are now hung!

The Winds of Change (Updated) 11x 14”, on a cradled panel

I thought I would share with you my newest work that is now on display at Harbor Village Gallery and Gifts, in Ventura California. The first piece is The Winds of Change. I did a little more work on it since my last post.

Early Morning at the Beach
11 x 14”, cradled panel

The secret title is “Way too early”. I look forward to taking photos at the beach, once I get a little stronger. Maybe in three months, I will be able to talk a friend into going too.

Anacapa Cove
11x 14” cradled panel

Anacapa Island is part of the Channel Islands and it is right by Harbor Village. Island Packers takes people out there when they can. It is a lovely island. The water is made up of lovely jewel tones, to captivate you.

Vintage Vacation Framed Print
8 x 10”
Digital Painting

Vintage Vacation, is all about family vacations and looking back on them fondly. I created this digitally, stroke by stroke sitting on the couch, binge watching movies.

Vacation Days Print
8 x 10
digital painting

And finally, Vacation Days is the last of the new pieces. I am finishing up more prints to bring in, probably mid February.

Of course printing the digital paintings can be enlarged and put on aluminum, glass or canvas. I will be making smaller pieces on glass and those will be at my shop mid February also. Only one full sized version will be made of these. I will work with the collector on the specifics once it is sold.

Thanks for sharing in this moment with me.

Take care,


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