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Private Beaches, Secret Kisses

Hello November. I just opened my shop at Harbor Village Gallery & Gifts in Ventura, California.  Mask – check, Hand Sanitizer – check. I started selling my paintings and greeting cards today. I will be selling more items but I am happy with the sales I had today.

My Sale sign says cards are $6.00 each, 3 or more are $5.00 each

There are ten artists at Harbor Village Gallery & Gifts in Ventura, California.  Everything is made by hand by local artists and nothing is imported. A rare sight indeed.  One artist left October 31st and I took her spot.  I was isolated for so long, I forgot how nice it was visiting,  from behind my mask and hand sanitizer, of course.

I have been painting waves since December 2019 but after reading, sketching and trying dozens of new methods, I am happy with my my new process. I am so happy, that I am throwing out the failed attempts.  There were many, attempts. That is what it takes though, when you are changing from oil to acrylic. I wanted it to feel the same. My acrylic paintings are much more refined, which was what I was looking for.  Working on specific skills was frustrating but I am much happier with what I can do now. It was like practicing scales.

My goal was to get my paintings was to keep the feeling of freedom, like I did get when I painted in oil.  Since oil has damaged my lungs and I can no longer use the silly paints, I had to learn acrylic completely.  Not an easy task. Not easy at all. I had to figure out what type of acrylic worked for me, there is heavy body, soft body, fluid and then it branches off from there with mediums and surfaces.

Seriously, I didn’t think I would find my happy place but I finally stumbled upon it. Luckily, I wrote everything down.  Now, I am happily painting in acrylic, without yearning for the good old days of oil paint. I look forward to painting more waves and beach scenes.

I also am happy to announce I have two paintings in the California Art Club’s Virtual Show: Welcome to California. The online show opens November 29th. The artwork will be available exclusively on the California Art Club website.

Sometimes I get one painting in to a show, sometimes I get the dreaded rejection letter but this time both of my entries were selected. One is in oil, Roadside Attractions and the other is in acrylic Gallery Opening. 

Take care out there and if you want to visit me on November 15th or November 29th, I will be there from 2:30pm – 6:00 pm.

Bye for now,


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Pretending to Drive & Good Plane Fun

Well this was a big day over here. Not only did I have to wake up early but I had somewhere to go. Who knew leaving the house would be an event in itself. And, I did it right, hair, make-up, a new dress and jewelry too. It was a big event so I wanted to celebrate the moment.

What was the big event? I had to be at <a href=”; rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Harbor Village Gallery & Gifts</a>

To deliver two paintings. The last time I showed my work was March 2020. That feels like a hundred years ago now since so much has happened.


It was very exciting seeing the gallery again and people were in there shopping too. I am a hermit crab and have barely left the house so, it was a little jarring seeing people, other than family members. Socializing, that will be a while for me since my voice is still gone and my lungs get sore from walking or talking too much. Walking and talking people! Who knew you could age 30 years from the flu? I didn’t.

Anyways, it was nice visiting briefly, mask to mask with friends. and There were a lot of beautiful paintings in the gallery, as well as mine. I was giddy at dropping off my work. I know not everyone can make it to Ventura Harbor Village, so I thought I would share with you my photos. I hope people get to see it in person because my photographic skills are pretty basic. I couldn’t figure out how to shoot “Pretending to Drive”, a 16 x 20” oil and cold wax on canvas painting, to capture the sheen. That was annoying. My lungs limit my movement or I would have gotten it right.

One day I will get lights and photograph in the studio but that takes more money than I have right now. One day. One day.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. The show runs from July 24th (hey, that’s my birthday) through to September 14th. I am so grateful to be showing again, even if it is just two paintings, it’s nice to have my artwork out there again. I have a mountain of paintings both physical and digital that I am trying to finish up but more on that later.

Take care and remember, you look darn sexy in that mask.