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The Next Painting Adventure is in Flight

One of my oil paint inventions

February 15th, from 9-12 is the next California Art Club Paint Out. We will be painting at the Santa Paula Airport. I have been trying for years to paint there and now, my dream has come true. Some top notch artists will be there.

My awesome brushes, thank you secret admirer

Come join us if you can and watch us paint: planes, hangers, vintage aircraft, those little carts…anything is fair game. Hmm, that gets me thinking of another place to paint but that will be a surprise solo excursion but I will post those soon. Go ahead and guess. What do you like. Planes, Trains or Automobiles? I can’t choose, I love them all.

But first, I have to get rid of this chest cold. It is never leaving so, back to the doctor’s office for a third visit. I am calling my doctor tomorrow because now, there are planes to paint.

Thanks for stopping by. Lisa

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