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Vintage Malibu

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are taking care of yourselves in this surreal time.


I have dusted off the website and will be adding new paintings that I have been working on steadily though-out 2020. I have been painting  in secret, as I wanted to only share work that I was proud of.

 The first painting is Vintage Malibu.  This painting has taken me months to complete. Why are some paintings so maddening?  I will let you know once I find out.  It was worth the wait though. I was so sure that this painting was done 6 or 7 times, to wake up and be nearly happy.

Do you have anything that you are working on, that is both a joy and a struggle? Tell me about it and we can commiserate over a Zoom bagel and coffee together.


This painting is about growing up in Southern California and going to the beach as a kid.  The seventies were a simpler time, or they were for me anyway. I tried to convey that with a limited palette that has for me, a vintage look.  I drew from memories, fantasies and old tv shows. Anything to get me in the right frame of mind. Thinking of sitting in the backseat of the family car, on hot vinyl seats, wearing shorts, eating sandy sandwiches and swimming out past the breakers with my dad. A terrifying experience but worth it to ride the swells.

What are your favorite memories?

Mine, usually revolve around the simple pleasures of being outdoors with my family. Arguing with my brother about which towel was mine (very important at the time) or pleading with my mom about taking one last dip in the water.

Now, I am not able to walk much, memories or even little stories I dream up, are great ways to help me create paintings and feel like I am traveling. This especially helps when I working on long involved paintings. Who said digital was easy? That’s how this whole thing started, I believed digital painting would be so easy.

The final moments of this painting that helped it come alive was when the texture started working. Finally, done!

Well, almost done.  The final step is to work with my printer to pick out surfaces.  Should I print this on wood? Or ceramic?  Maybe glass.  I might make a couple of small limited edition prints.  However, the  full sized painting will be large.  Only one of those will be created for an office or a large room.

I will update you later with my progress but for now, I am happy with what I have created.

Thanks for coming along for the journey!

So here it is,  Vintage Malibu.

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